Lower your pooch’s canine footprint and keep pollutants out of our local waterways.

Scoop that Poop

A single gram of dog waste contains 23 million bacteria, viruses and parasites. Unattended waste can cause

  • Illness to people, pets and wildlife
  • Damage to aquatic ecosystems
  • Unhappy neighbors
  • Polluted drinking water supplies

Need a Bath?

Whenever possible, bathe your dog in the tub using non-toxic shampoo or have your pet professionally groomed. If you must bathe outside, place your pooch on a permeable surface that can absorb the water to prevent runoff. Keep in mind that pet shampoos and soaps, even those labeled biodegradable, can be toxic to people and marine life. Use the most natural products available for washing and flea control.

Riverside County Watershed Protection