Our Watersheds

We all live in a watershed. It’s our responsibility to keep it clean.

Three Watersheds. One County.

Riverside County Watershed Protection has three watersheds:

The Santa Ana River Watershed drains into the Santa Ana River, the largest river in Southern California and the source of Riverside County’s name.

The Santa Margarita River Watershed flows into the Santa Margarita River, passing through southwestern Riverside County into San Diego County.

The Whitewater River Watershed drains into the Whitewater River, which begins in the San Bernardino Mountains and moves southeast to the Salton Sea and Sonoran Desert.

Watershed Health

Keeping our watersheds clean is a team effort. We work in partnership with the member agencies, including the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and participating cities, to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of the water and the natural environment of our watersheds.

You are equally as important to the health of Riverside County watersheds. Being a good steward of our natural resources, you can help ensure that our watersheds are clean and beautiful for generations to come.

Find Your Watershed

Take pride in your watershed. Find out which watershed you live in by using this map.

Riverside County Watershed Protection