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Watershed and Wildlife Protection

The way we treat our watersheds does not just affect us, but also all of the wildlife that we share the planet with. World Wildlife Day (March 3, 2018) is a good reminder to take into consideration the animals that share our watersheds. All kinds of species can become extinct or...

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Family Fun Day at Fairmount Park, Riverside

One of the loveliest parks in the Santa Ana River Watershed, Fairmount Park in downtown Riverside offers a perfect location for families to visit, play and picnic. Accessible from the 91 and 60 freeways, this 245 acre park has numerous activities to choose from, providing a full day’s fun for...

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Choose Eco-Friendly Products for Spring Cleaning

Chemicals in typical household cleansers can lead to headaches, respiratory problems and eye irritation. A simple solution is to ditch the products with harsh ingredients and find natural harmless alternatives. Mixing up natural cleansers for your spring cleaning tasks – and everyday cleaning – can be better for your family,...

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Riverside County Watershed Protection